Quit Smoking with Vape

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Picture above: The new PAX 3 vaporizer.

Among the killer diseases of in the United States is coronary heart disease caused by the consumption of tobacco. Meanwhile, studies also show that for every cigarette stick a smoker consumes, he or she loses almost 15 minutes of his or her life. At our young age, when we feel like we are immortalized with youth, we may pass these up as “interesting-bordering-to-terrifying” trivia. But when you come to think of it, while we continue smoking, we could also be wasting our future time for momentous events by then.

  1. How difficult is it to quit?

Being a smoker for years now, I won’t deny that I have had numerous tries to quit. I have enrolled in the gym, joined sports events in the office, and refrained from purchasing cigarettes. I have also avoided going out drinking, even on Friday nights so that I could avoid cigarettes. It has come to a point when every time I see an actor on TV light a cig, I stand up to grab a light. But all of my tries have ended as futile attempts.

It’s difficult to quit. But the harmful effects of smoking tobacco cannot be overlooked. These days, people are more stressed out, making smoking a regular activity to unwind in between the short breaks in the office. And this is because cigarettes are very accessible, and smoking is more convenient than other de-stressing activities.

  1. How did the vaporizer evolve?

Earlier this decade, the e-cigarette was introduced. Smoking one is closely similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette. What distinguishes the two is that with cigarettes, you burn the leaves. With e-cigarettes, you vaporize the elements that you will smoke.

The E-cigarette in itself is a vaporizer. Vaporizers were initially used in the medical profession. Around early 2000, vaporizers for recreational purposes have been developed. They started out in the market as “electronic cigarettes” or e-cigarette. These days they are more commonly referred to as vape.

  1. Is the vape really less harmful?

Lately, vape has been gaining more and more consumers coming from the cigarette market. The health risks posed by smoking tobacco are undeniable. As mentioned earlier, it is among the top killers in the United States alone. As a cigarette smoker, you do not just inhale smoke; you also inhale nicotine, tar, and many other carcinogens. It is already common knowledge that nicotine is the suspected addictive substance in cigarettes. So the more you get stressed out, the more you smoke, the more you get hooked. Meanwhile, tar is known to be the dark substance that builds up in our lungs. Tobacco cigarettes are also known to produce formaldehyde.

What’s interesting with vape is that it gives its users the same satisfaction of smoking tobacco (or even better?), minus the harmful elements. Several studies have supported this claim. One can opt out from nicotine because there are juices which do not have it. Combustion, also, does not take place, so no tar and other harmful byproducts of burning are inhaled.

Vape can come in two kinds – one that uses herbs, and one that uses oils or e-juice. In countries where the recreational use of marijuana is legal, many potheads use the vape in consuming their weed. It’s more convenient than using a pipe. With vape, one simply loads the oven chamber with well-ground weed, press the power button once to thrice, and the smoke is ready. It eliminates the process of always lighting up the pipe. Some vapes also, like the AirVape XS, has a feature which cools the smoke a bit to improve its taste and texture. This way, the burnt taste and harsh texture are also eliminated.

For vapes that utilize oil or e-juice, one simply has to add drops of the juice inside the vape. And, with a press of the button, the smoke is ready. Unlike tobacco cigarettes which most commonly come in three flavors – menthol, pure tobacco taste, and light tobacco taste – vape juices come in a great set of choices. Among the popular choices are the fruity flavors. Other variants come in coffee flavors.


The most interesting thing about vape is that it allows one to continue his or her smoking habit at a much lower risk to his or her health. Friends who have switched to vape expressed that they felt healthier than before. For example, before when they were tobacco cigarette smokers, walking from work to home would leave them with heaviness in their chests. Now, even their performances in our office inter-sports have improved. They say that for some reason, it’s as if they weren’t smoking at all.

Vape has captured my attention, as someone who has been wanting to quit but just can’t yet. We know that smoking – in whatever form it is – means inhaling something that by default, we are not supposed to. To cope up with the stress of work, we should not resort to such vices. Rather, we should counter it with a healthier lifestyle to let our bodies recuperate sufficiently. But for someone who has been wanting to quit but just can’t yet, vape could be a pretty good alternative.