All About E-Cigarette in UK

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For decades, thousands of UK residents have been smoking cigarettes, an activity that is causing about 100,000 deaths annually. This is one of the key reasons that have led to the introduction of e-cigarettes, something that is considered relatively safer than the traditional cigarettes.

There has been so much debate about cigarettes, and now with the coming in of the e-cigarette UK, it seems the whole debate is not going to end any time soon. Joining the debate has been health experts; they are sharply divided about e-cigarette UK. Quite a number of them are of the view that with e-cigarettes, the deaths caused by smoking of cigarettes annually is going to drop drastically. On the other hand, others argue that this new smoking gadget is going to glamorize smoking among the younger generation, and this could have a negative impact in the near future.

What is this e-cigarette? It is quite obvious several people do not know the gadget. It has a battery, atomizer, and a small cartridge that contains nicotine that has been suspended in a solution of propylene glycol. Additionally, some e-cigarettes have an indicator light at the end. It glows when it is inhaled and many users say it actually adds a little touch of realism. Instead of the smokers taking in toxic substances found in tobacco, e-cigarette smokers inhale vaporized nicotine. Unlike in conventional cigarettes, the effects you can get from e-cigarette are believed to be negligible.

With different stakeholders across the UK fearing that e-cigarette is really going to normalize smoking and actually increase nicotine addiction across the nation, they have suggested that the gadget be regulated like medicine. Recently, a proposal by the EU to have the e-cigarette regulated like medicine was rejected. However, e-cigarette UK will actually be licensed like medicine as early as 2016.

With the major advancement that this smoking gadget is anticipated to take, the coming few years are going to be interesting. These smoking devices are relatively new, and many studies have actually revealed very little information on their overall health impacts. The worst part is that in order to have in place the right clinical information, a very large group of e-cigarettes smokers would actually need to be followed on a daily basis for several years, something that could prove very difficult to the relevant authorities. For now, the smoking of e-cigarettes is much safer than smoking the conventional cigarettes.

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Making The better Switch: Traditional Cigarettes To Electronic Hookah

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Many smokers find it hard to smoke when they want especially when they are in enclosed rooms. Just as non-smokers respect smokers, it is imperative to also think how others would feel when smokers puff relentlessly in areas where people who are not smoking are staying. Using an electronic hookah can be a good way to smoke without pissing off other people plus there are other benefits that people can get when they smoke e-shishas compared to traditional cigarettes. For first time users, it is important to understand what electronic hookahs are and how to purchase a good one.

What is E Hookah?

E Hookah is a brand of electronic cigarette that is better compared to traditional cigarettes and other electronic cigarettes in the market. Aside from the sleek look, E Hookah is easy to clean, has no smell or tar compared to regular tobacco. It is operated using an atomizer which gives smokers the kind of feeling that they look for in cigarette sticks. It does not have smoke since it uses vapor. It does not impose fire hazard since it does not need to be lighted by fire. It uses a rechargeable battery so there is no need to carry a lighter all the time.

Switching from Traditional Cigarettes to E Hookah

E Hookah offers starter kits which are great for those who want to try electronic cigarettes. It is important to use only quality e-cigarettes because there are lots of brands out in the market today that are sold cheaply and yet are unable to provide quality vapor. These electronic cigarettes are often sold in black markets and are not properly checked so they can cause health risks. It is vital to only purchase electronic cigarettes that have been inspected and are able to pass quality checks. Other electronic shishas also have very short battery life which can be very aggravating for those who want to use their vapes often. Brands like E Hookah are able to last long because they use 1100mAh batteries which can last the whole day.

How to Purchase

There is no need to rush into stores just to get electronic cigarettes. Most legit companies have websites where customers can order hassle-free. E Hookah allows customers to choose the types of e-cigarettes that they want and have them delivered at the comfort of their own homes. They can pay using their credit or debit cards and add everything that they want. They can also enjoy reward and referral points which are unavailable with other brands. They provide support through their hotline to those who want to know more about using electronic cigarettes so everything is like a piece of cake compared to buying traditional cigarettes which poses more health risks.

All About The Hookah Pen Where to Buy?

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Over the recent years, one of the biggest phenomena that hit the market is the use of electronic cigarettes. A lot of cigarette smokers have turned to this device for a more satisfactory and enjoyable smoking experience. One type of e-cig is called the hookah pen and it has caught the attention of enthusiasts all over the world.

What is a hookah pen?

This is an electronic device that functions by delivering nicotine as a vapor to the user. Its main difference from that of the traditional cigarette smoke is that there is actually nothing to light, and in effect, there is no smoke. A typical hookah set comprises of several components. You have the liquid e-hookah cartridge, a replaceable battery and a heating element, more commonly known as the atomizer. The user can opt to buy different cartridges that come in different flavors and that is where the fun starts.

Hookah Pen Reviews has a wide range of flavors to choose from. So if you are feeling a little bit adventurous and you would want to get a little more satisfaction from your hookah experience, you should check out these exciting flavors:
– Lemon, Vanilla, Pina Colada, Green Apple, Orange, Watermelon, Mint, Menthol, Banana, Raspberry, Kamel, Mango, Kiwi, Bubblegum, Blueberry, and Blackberry

Hookah Pen Reviews E-Hookah also comes in a colorful packaging, which makes it perfect to take with you during fun weekend parties or while you go clubbing with friends. They are made to look bright and vibrant so that you do not run the risk of losing your pens while you are partying the night away.

The Hookah pen is a brilliant alternative to smoking. Many health experts say that it is a safer alternative because users are no longer exposed to the harmful effects of tobacco, as well as a long list of harmful toxins and carcinogens related to traditional cigarette smoking.

Fantasia Hookah

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The widespread use of the internet has made it very easy for merchants to get their products across to their target audience. One of these such websites is, which features a wide variety of fantasia ehookah products. Rechargeable, disposable, and liquid products are all available for purchase, and all of the products are one hundred percent genuine and certified to come directly from Fantasia. In addition to being one of the leading sellers of electronic cigarettes and hookah products, the website is also extremely convenient for the average customer’s shopping pleasure.

Easy To Navigate Interface

The first thing that many customers will notice is the extremely easy to use interface on the website. It features a sleek, minimalistic, and elegant design that attractively showcases their products for the buyer’s convenience. Every section of their inventory is categorized according to type, and various options are available that can be compared with each other side by side thanks to the comprehensive display screen. All of these categories can be found on the left side of the screen, beside the display where the products will be shown. A contact number and frequently asked questions section can also help customers find out more about the company before they finalize their purchases, creating an intimate and innovative shopping experience.

Available Selection of Products

All of the products that are featured on the website are centered around hookah and electronic tobacco products. They feature a wide variety of disposable ehookah pens and rechargeable ehookah pens, each of which have their own unique products to choose from. The disposable ehookah pens come in a wide variety of flavors, while the rechargeable pens can be refilled at later times with different liquid products, each of which provide the same unique taste in different flavors. A handy all products page can be browsed as well if you are interested in finding a product that you could not locate in one of the separate sections of the website.

Customer Policies and Sales

All of the website’s products are one hundred percent guaranteed to be satisfying and enjoyable upon purchase. A great return policy is featured as well, for those who find something wrong with the products shipped to them. Additionally, a link to sales on the left side of the website can keep the customer informed of when certain products can be purchased at a cheaper cost to them, which encourages people to visit the website more frequently.


E Cigaret: A Healthy And Proven Alternative To Smoking

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E cigaret is proving quite successful in making people kick the habit of smoking real cigarettes. Governments in many countries have also publicly endorsed the use of e-cigarettes to encourage smokers to quit. In US, e cigarettes can now be bought from convenience stores and online dealers, whereas earlier the smokers had to go to electronic cigarette stores to get these devices.

An e cigaret basically is a device which atomizes a solution of nicotine through a small battery. So the nicotine is there, but there is no ash or smoke. Many scientists believe that it is not nicotine which causes cancer, but the toxic chemicals that are released when the tobacco and the cigarette filler paper burn together. So, what e cigaret essentially does is that it gives the nicotine addicts their desired fix, but since there is no burn, the harmful effect of smoking real cigarettes is cancelled out. Nicotine is highly addictive substance, yes, but as of yet there is no data available which proves that nicotine causes cancer. So, e cigarettes can be considered as a relatively harmless form of nicotine addiction.

Many may not know this, but e cigaret was originally developed by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik. Lik was a regular smoker and used to smoke three packs of cigarettes a day. But when his father died of lungs cancer, he decided that he would have to devise a way by which he can avoid contracting cancer. That is, he looked for an alternative and came up with the idea of e cigaret.

Most e cigarettes look like normal cigarettes. However, few of them may also look like thumb drives or pens. Generally the buyers are given a starter kit, priced between $45 and $130. In this kit is included a few cartridges and a charger. A single cartridge costs about $10 and generally lasts as long as 20 packs of real cigarettes. Instead of buying the cartridges, one also has the option of buying a bottle of e liquid and refilling the cartridge himself.

The use of e-cigarettes is on the rise. Many see this as an encouraging sign. However, few people are also worried that e cigarettes will encourage teens and kids to develop a nicotine addiction and they may later look to graduate to the real thing. However, as of now, there are no stats available that shows that e-cigarettes are encouraging under-aged populace to contract the habit of smoking or even, nicotine addiction.

Are E-cigs Much Healthier Than Tobacco?

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For many years now, smoking tobacco has been considered a very bad habit, and extremely detrimental to health. Smoking tobacco can lead to problems in health that can lead to premature death. Some people start smoking by their early to mid teens, and for many, related health problems are already present by the time they are twenty years old. Tobacco smoking causing shortest of breath, high blood pressure problems with heart and lungs which for the most unfortunate, can result in heart attacks and lung cancer. It is a pity that nobody seems to think about this before taking up the habit, and if they did, tobacco smokers would hardly exist. Of course, when you are young, you believe that you are invincible, and nothing bad will ever happen to you.Even if you know some one that is seriously ill as a result of smoking tobacco, you do not think for one moment that the same fate will befall you, but the truth is that you could very well go down the same route. In addition to this, you are faced with peer pressure, and if most of your friends smoke,you will most likely do the same.

By the time you are a little older, and considering having to give up the sport you love playing, such as tennis and football, because you are short of breath, and realise it is due to tobacco smoking, you will find it very difficult to stop. Tobacco is very addictive, and like any other addiction it becomes almost impossible to give up.Not only are you afraid at that point of falling into bad health, but unlike some of non smoking friends who are going on holiday abroad, you can not afford to go, as your bad habit is financially crippling you.Not only can smoking damage your health, but it is so expensive that you may not be able to enjoy other things.

Once the full implications of smoking become apparent to you, you may decide that that the time has come to give up, and like so many before you you choose the time and date for this which normally would be the first day of the next week or month. When that day comes, you may feel quite upbeat and it is going to be a relatively easy task to give up smoking tobacco. However, like millions before you, it is not simple, and at the end of the first day, you will probably be climbing up the walls.It will be be even worse if problems arise that day, as in the past you relied on the feeling of a cigarette between your fingers to reduce your stress levels. It will soon become clear to you that going cold turkey is not easy.
For those wanting to give up tobacco smoking, there is a wonderful alternative in the form of e-cigs other wise known as electronic cigarettes. An electronic cigarette is not a brand new invention, as e-cigs have been around for some time now. They have undergone improvement after improvement which means an electronic cigarette is a great substitute for the tobacco kind. These low cost e-cigs are not only much healthier, but are also very inexpensive, and as they can be purchased on line,they are also very accessible. Imagine being able to buy an electronic cigarette without having to leave the comfort of your own home.
It is the tar, and toxic chemicals contained in tobacco cigarettes that make them so dangerous to health, but e-cigs are totally

without these, means that they do not have any detrimental affect. An electronic cigarette makes it easy to give up smoking, as not only does it look like the real thing, it also feels like it. Somebody used to releasing stress by having a cigarette in their hand will have the same experience as he did before giving up tobacco.Not only are e-cigs better for your health, but because they are much less expensive, you will have money left to start enjoying pleasures you were forced to give up due to lack of money caused by your bad habit.

If you not only like the look and feel of a tobacco cigarette, but also liked the taste , once again you nothing to lose with an electronic cigarette, as e-cigs come in nicotine flavour. They also come in a number of other flavours.
Anyone who smokes tobacco who wants to be healthier wealthier, can do nothing better than give up smoking tobacco cigarettes, and turn to e-cigs.


Ancient Hookahs from Egypt

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Egypt has long been known in the Middle East as the best place to get a nargileh and nargileh accessories. The land of the pharaohs, pyramids, and sphinx is also the Motherland of the shisha (the Afrasian word for hookah). Afrasian artisans ease attain hookahs the old-fashioned artefact — by assistance and with a great deal of pride in craftsmanship. Making hookahs is ease a family tradition, and the best nargileh makers in empire hit earned their spots through the continuity of traditional techniques. Glass bases are ease prefabricated from assistance blown colored glass, and artists ease decorate them by assistance using paint, glitter, decals, or etching. Hoses are prefabricated entirely by hand, from the cutting of the fabric to the turning of the wood that will embellish the handles to the addition of nonfunctional elements such as braid, fringe, or fur. Shafts haw be prefabricated of metals like stainless steel, brass, or plate plated brass, but those metals are formed by the hands of officer craftsmen, put together by skilled welders, and sometimes etched or decorated by artisans. Potters ease use a potting wheel to attain the clay bowls that we call the \”head.\” In short, every conception of a veritable Afrasian nargileh is crafted by assistance using traditional techniques which results in a one-of-a-kind product every time. Afrasian hookahs are so admired and respected throughout the Middle East that you’d be hard pressed to find a pipe in another Middle Eastern country that does not hit some conception that was prefabricated in Egypt!

When the nargileh craze hit the United States, the social icon of the Middle East fell prey to the assembly distinction mentality. It didn’t take long for the nargileh to be added to the list of counterfeit products being mass produced in China for export to the American market. Because neither the owners of manufacturing plants or assembly distinction workers in China hit a social stake or indistinguishability associated with the product, the hookahs that they produce refer no artistry. The render bases are formed and then spray painted; the render itself is not colored. Any designs on the render are likewise spray varnished on by machines. Machine prefabricated plastic hoses with plastic or simulated wood ends hit no nonfunctional elements on them. Machines mold shafts prefabricated from tin, aluminum, or a combination of those metals with stainless steel; sometimes, machines spray makeup them in a colouration to correct the glass. Porcelain, a material for which the Asiatic are famous, has replaced the traditional clay bowl prefabricated from the rich clay of the banks of the river River. Cold, computerized Asiatic machines hit replaced the intimate touch of the Afrasian craftsmen whose work is a maker of pride.

Because Afrasian hookahs set the industry standard, it has embellish common for sellers to falsely adjudge their Asiatic look-alikes as \”authentic Egyptian\” pipes. Many shoppers hit been taken in by a misleading description coupled with a low price and think that they are purchase a veritable Afrasian nargileh when, in reality, they get an imposter. Don’t be duped! Look for the identifying characteristics listed below to watch if the nargileh you are considering purchase is the real deal.

Characteristics of an Authentic Afrasian Hookah

* Authentic Afrasian hookahs are ease handmade using centuries old traditional methods. Crafted by the hands of people who hit a social stake and indistinguishability in their product, every aspect of the authentic Afrasian nargileh involves prowess and craftsmanship.
* The base of an authentic Afrasian nargileh is assistance blown colored render that comes in a variety of shapes and colours with assistance varnished designs. The most telling aspect of an authentic Afrasian base is its characteristic bands of veritable 18K gold or platinum paint.
* Afrasian hoses are handcrafted using traditional methods and materials; they vary in style, color, and nonfunctional elements.
* Shafts are assistance formed stainless steel, brass, or plate plated monument in various heights, number of hose holders, designs, and nonfunctional elements. Afrasian shafts are never prefabricated of metal or spray varnished in a colouration to correct the render base!
* An authentic Afrasian nargileh is always sold with the same number of hoses that the dig will hold. If you’re purchase a 2-hose hookah, you get 2 hoses!
* Anyone who sells authentic Afrasian hookahs will hit equal parts available. Glass bases break and hoses should be replaced every some months for the sake of hygiene, so it is important to hit access to individual parts for your hookah.

Characteristics of the Asiatic Imposter Hookah

* The Asiatic imposter hookahs are mass produced in factories by machines and people who hit no social connection to the product. The hookahs all look the same, just as digit would expect from anything prefabricated on an assembly line.
* Asiatic bases are prefabricated of formed render or acrylic that is spray varnished with material that washes off with normal cleaning. Designs, if any, are identical with no variation in pattern or style because machines are preset to attain them look a certain way.
* Asiatic hoses are prefabricated of plastic with plastic or simulated wood ends with no nonfunctional elements. Sometimes the hoses are called \”pleather,\” a marketing trick to attain plastic sound better. Hoses are marketed as \”washable.\” No nargileh hose is truly washable because inside each digit is a wire coil around which the hose fabric is wrapped. Running water through the hose only speeds up the deterioration process of that wire coil! There is no such thing as a washable nargileh hose!
* Shafts produced in China are machine prefabricated of tin, aluminum, or a combination of those metals blended with stainless poise or chrome. They are often spray varnished to correct the colouration of the glass. A nargileh with a dig that matches the colouration of the render is not Egyptian! The shafts of Asiatic hookahs are prefabricated of inferior metals that do not stand up to normal wear and tear. Afrasian hookahs, on the other hand, are prefabricated of strong and durable metals that can withstand time and usage.
* Because sellers typically do not hit equal parts or accessories, they sell the Asiatic hookahs straight from the box. This means that multiple hose hookahs are often sold with only digit hose. If you’re purchase a 2-hose hookah, chances are that you will get only 1 hose!
* To attain them more appealing to the American consumer, Asiatic manufactured hookahs are often sold with a hard shell carrying case. What a great artefact to hide an inferior product!
* With the past recall of various products manufactured in China, buyers need to be especially wary of hookahs prefabricated in and imported from China because they are painted!

To truly appreciate the social significance of the nargileh and get the most of out of the nargileh experience, you must hit the real thing! While the price of some of the Asiatic imports haw look attractive, please ready in mind that this is definitely a case of getting what you pay for. A product that cannot stand up to the practice for which it was prefabricated is no individual a bargain when it has to be replaced over and over again. Buy an authentic Afrasian nargileh and support the artisans and craftsmen who, in a world dominated by machine prefabricated goods, continue to attain hookahs the artefact they and their families hit for centuries.


An Inside Look At The Electronic Cigarette

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An electronic cigarette is a device powered by batteries and uses artificial nicotine to mimic the regular tobacco cigarette. It uses a component called an atomizer that heats the nicotine juice thus producing vapor, similar to cigarette smoke. In fact, manufacturers are now making flavored cigarettes to meet their clients’ varied preferences.

How an Electronic Cigarette Works

When a smoker pulls on the electronic cigarette from one end of the tube, the battery in the electronic cigarette heats the juice thus stimulating production of nicotine vapor. When the smoker inhales, the steam goes straight into his or her lungs. Without actually smoking, the smoker experiences a smoke sensation in his or her lungs and also in the mouth.

Advantages of an electronic cigarette over other tobacco products

Currently, there are no laws that directly prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes in open areas unlike the regular tobacco cigarettes where smoking in public is prohibited. Secondly, recent studies have shown that when a smoker avoids smoking for a night, electronic cigarettes can minimize and even eradicate the potent desire to smoke. Smokers who wish to lower the risks associated with tobacco smoking experience mild withdrawal when they quit as compared to smokers of the other brands of cigarettes.

There is also the possibility of maintaining a manageable and stable level of nicotine in the blood stream thus decreasing the strong urge to smoke and increasing the desire to stop using tobacco. The other advantage is that for the smokers who have tried to quit smoking for a long time, there is a chance that the tobacco intake can be lowered with the use of electronic cigarettes.

Problems Associated With the Use of Electronic Cigarettes

The Food and Drug Agency or rather FDA is yet to conduct a complete and conclusive study of the health hazards of electronic cigarettes. Risks associated with the electronic cigarette still remain vague, which means that clear advice cannot be given to smokers at the moment. Lack of healthy warnings and clear guidelines on how to use and get rid of used electronic cigarettes poses a challenge to many smokers. Ingredients that make up the electronic cigarette remain unknown increasing the chances of partaking harmful toxins.


Smokers should be advised to steer clear of tobacco use for their own benefit and those of the people around them. Cigarette smoking affects both the smoker and person close to him or her. However, electronic cigarettes are offering new hope to smokers because they are offering a healthier alternative to smoking, so to speak.

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Chronic Tonic Vapor High Quality Solutions

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Those who suffer from chronic health issues and those who simply want an organic way to unwind, should seek out quality products like those offered by Chronic Tonic Vapor. Their products use quality CBD (Cannabidiol) oil extract with a process that avoids use of harsh chemicals, that could be harmful to your health.

In recent years, research has shown that the human body produces its own Cannabis receptors that respond positively to CBD. This is why many people are seeking the more natural remedy of Cannabidiol for numerous health issues, from migraines to brain and breast cancer as well as cancer treatment side effects and chronic pain. Additionally, some research suggests CBD can help serve to protect against some aggressive forms of breast cancer and can be effective in treating neuropathies associated with diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and Diabetic neuropathy.

While many people seek products with CBD for relief, there are many sellers who do not offer the highest quality products. Buyers must use caution in choosing the right product or they may be throwing away their money.

Chronic Tonic Vapor offers quality products that are not processed with harsh or harmful chemicals. Only pure grain alcohol is used to produce the extract, which is then infused with other vaping liquids to give users a convenient way to experience remissions from pain and stress.

Aside from the quality of Chronic Tonic Vapor products, variety is another benefit. Buyers can choose from a variety of vaping flavors, just like they would when they buy traditional vaping liquids from a company that sells vaping products like e-juice and e-liquids. Blue Dream, lemon haze, pineapple express, strawberry cough, and train wreck, which is a fruit punch flavor. Users may not like all the flavors available. But, there is bound to be at least one or two favorites.

There are many benefits vaping. First, the strong, pungent odor of THC and CBD are eliminated. This means adults can enjoy the flavor and healing effects of THC or CBD without guests or children knowing. Keeping your privacy and medical issues from prying eyes.

Another benefit for users are the multiple options Chronic Toinc Vapor offers. With a 0mg nicotine option for anyone over 18 that just wants a high quality vaping experience or for users trying to quit smoking they offer 6-18mg nicotine options, and of course all the wonderful benefits of CBD. Products are relatively cost effective. Though vaping liquids come in small bottles, from 6ml to 15ml, they oil is very concentrated. This means Users don’t need much liquid to get the positive effects. Prices for many flavors start at $9. Check out their blog for more testimonials.

Hookah hooks the US youth to its charm

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It won’t be that wrong if we remark that the youth in the US is very much prone to addictions. All the efforts that the authorities have come up with, for the purpose of keeping the adolescents and the children away from addictions have been sort of futile. In this country teenagers who are no more than children are addicts. We can’t even blame the prosperity of the country behind this phenomenon as children getting caught in addictions are a sad story all over the world. The economic state has little to do as far as the addictions are concerned. An addict some how or the other arranges for the taste of the addiction irrespective of the money factor. Addictions meet out the same ill effects whether they are bought for a hefty price or for a penny. The only possible difference is that in countries like the US people are addicts to the costlier addictions just because they can afford them and in the poorer countries and amidst the poorer sections of the society the cheaper addictions are popular. The damage these addictions do to the rich and the poor are the same. There is a growing urge among the thinkers, the world organizations, and the governments to protect the upcoming generation from the addictions.

Smoking is one of the cheapest addictions. Easily available this addiction is also very common among the people living below the poverty line for the simple fact that smoking is an appetite killer. People just fail to see how much resources get burned with a burning cigarette. In the third world countries smoking is also responsible for the stable rate of poverty. Smoking is also a status symbol for many. For many others smoking holds sex appeal. Whatever the reason smoking is an evil and it has to defeated inspite of the fact that it’s an uphill task. In countries like the US people try to inflate their egos and show off their status by smoking. That is the reason why the water pipes are gaining more and more popularity. Water pipes or hookahs as they are known as in India have a royal touch to it. They were in vogue in the ages of the kings and the princes and today they are the apt tools of show off. Only the ones who have the strength to afford these show offs taste these addictions and as such they are popular in the higher social strata and in the developed countries. Water pipes also have a myth attached to them that they are not as harmful as the cigarettes. This is as false as it can be. Be it the myth or the royal feeling attached to the hookah the US youths are finding themselves getting more and more addicted to it.