Making The better Switch: Traditional Cigarettes To Electronic Hookah

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Many smokers find it hard to smoke when they want especially when they are in enclosed rooms. Just as non-smokers respect smokers, it is imperative to also think how others would feel when smokers puff relentlessly in areas where people who are not smoking are staying. Using an electronic hookah can be a good way to smoke without pissing off other people plus there are other benefits that people can get when they smoke e-shishas compared to traditional cigarettes. For first time users, it is important to understand what electronic hookahs are and how to purchase a good one.

What is E Hookah?

E Hookah is a brand of electronic cigarette that is better compared to traditional cigarettes and other electronic cigarettes in the market. Aside from the sleek look, E Hookah is easy to clean, has no smell or tar compared to regular tobacco. It is operated using an atomizer which gives smokers the kind of feeling that they look for in cigarette sticks. It does not have smoke since it uses vapor. It does not impose fire hazard since it does not need to be lighted by fire. It uses a rechargeable battery so there is no need to carry a lighter all the time.

Switching from Traditional Cigarettes to E Hookah

E Hookah offers starter kits which are great for those who want to try electronic cigarettes. It is important to use only quality e-cigarettes because there are lots of brands out in the market today that are sold cheaply and yet are unable to provide quality vapor. These electronic cigarettes are often sold in black markets and are not properly checked so they can cause health risks. It is vital to only purchase electronic cigarettes that have been inspected and are able to pass quality checks. Other electronic shishas also have very short battery life which can be very aggravating for those who want to use their vapes often. Brands like E Hookah are able to last long because they use 1100mAh batteries which can last the whole day.

How to Purchase

There is no need to rush into stores just to get electronic cigarettes. Most legit companies have websites where customers can order hassle-free. E Hookah allows customers to choose the types of e-cigarettes that they want and have them delivered at the comfort of their own homes. They can pay using their credit or debit cards and add everything that they want. They can also enjoy reward and referral points which are unavailable with other brands. They provide support through their hotline to those who want to know more about using electronic cigarettes so everything is like a piece of cake compared to buying traditional cigarettes which poses more health risks.