King County WA Votes to Ban E-Cigs In Public Buildings

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Vapers in Washington’s King County suffered a legislative defeat on December 16. In yet another instance of misguided government regulation pertaining to e-cigs, Board of Health officials voted to ban the use of personal vaporizers anywhere that cigarette smoking is banned by the state of Washington. The controversial action reflects widespread ignorance as to the nature of personal vaporizers, commonly known as e-cigs (short for electronic cigarette). Despite the reality that PVs pose no risk to anybody but the user – and the personal risks are relatively negligible – there is widespread uncertainty amongst legislative bodies all over North America as to how to react to the growing popularity of the new technology.

Vapers, make it your business to educate owners of local eating and drinking venues about PVs, because the war against ignorant government regulation is one that will be waged for quite some time.

After a comprehensive analysis of the electronic cigarettes, researchers at Boston University School of Public Health concluded that the devices are significantly safer than traditional cigarettes. Smokeless tobacco products show promise as a smoking cessation alternative. Few chemicals in e-cigarettes raise serious health concerns and the levels of toxicity associated with the devices are no riskier than other smoking cessation products. Carcinogen levels in electronic non-tobacco cigarettes are approximately 1,000 times lower than the amount delivered in tobacco products.