Distinguishing Facts between Traditional Cigarettes and Electronic Cigarettes

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Those who have tried to quit smoking know that the biggest addiction is the physical and tactile experience of smoking, which is as habitual as the nicotine fix. We get used to the ‘hit’ that the cigarette gives in the throat when we inhale cigarette smoke and this satisfies our craving for nicotine. Apart from being physically addictive, another major aspect of smoking is the social side. Many smokers see cigarettes going hand in hand with activities such as drinking with friends.

There are different e-cigarette super mini and starter kits that stimulate the effects produced by a traditional cigarette. The best part of an e-cigarette is that it does not produce the same smoke as created by the tobacco cigarette and is not banned in public places. This is because the e cigarette ‘smoke’ does not contain any of the harmful chemicals or tar found in tobacco smoke, and as such is seen as a healthier smoking alternative.

The process of smoking an e cigarette is similar to tobacco cigarettes with different cartridges providing different strengths to give the nicotine hit. You can also get the same bite or throat hit by smoking an e cigarette.

Differences between Traditional and Electronic Cigarettes

The smoking experience that you get from an electronic cigarette is nearly similar to a tobacco cigarette. A good review would reveal they might be the better choice than the traditional cigarettes. but there are some differences also:

• You don’t have to take as strong a drag from an electronic cigarette in comparison to what you do with a tobacco cigarette. Much of the space inside the e cig cartridge is empty allowing easier airflow, whereas the traditional cigarette uses a filter tip which means it can need a more forceful drag.

• Electronic cigarettes have a different sound. The noise produced is more like sucking air through a straw because there is no burning sound.

• The taste of an electronic cigarette is a bit different from a tobacco cigarette. It is the type of cartridge that you purchase and its flavours that adds to the flavour of the cigarette.

• The vapours of an electronic cigarette don’t have much smell; therefore people around you won’t smell it even if you are standing right next to them. Conversely tobacco smoke has a lingering odour which is hard to get rid of.

With so many similarities and subtle differences, it is right to say that electronic cigarettes give an experience very similar to what you get from a traditional cigarette.