E-cigarette reviews: Bull Smoke

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Our review of Bull Smoke e-cigarettes, in a nutshell, is that they are making it easier for people quit smoking with their electronic cigarette products because the devices are top of the range.

This reviewer was impressed with their technology that delivered consistent flavor and vapor with a powerful battery. The company employs a specially-designed 4.2 volt lithium battery that has a long life, which is concealed within the top segment of their electronic cigarettes. According to their website, these batteries are custom engineered in order to deliver a thick and robust vapor to the user. Depending on how frequently one uses the device itself, each and every Bull Smoke rechargeable battery will last between four hours to as long as three days. Our e-cigarette review comes with an indication light on the tip which will blink rapidly when the battery is becoming low.

Electronic cigarettes: Bull Smoke vapor quality

Bull Smoke has always been acknowledged by people in the industry to be on the cutting edge of vapor technology. Crafted by a team of engineers who have been working over the last five years, their products deliver solid e cigarette solutions for the market place. They are the Apple of e-cigarettes. For instance, the Bull Smoke battery features the world’s only progressive mico-air flow sensor, designed specifically for vaping. This sensor powers the total unit on and off anytime a consumer drags on the Bull Smoke e-cigarette. Accordingly, this allows the battery to quickly power down while not in use to maintain its longer battery life. However it is so responsive that when it senses the slightest bit of drag it instantly powers up the cartomizer to produce the industry’s top quantity of vapor.

Electronic cigarette reviews: Bull Smoke flavor

The test of any e-cigarette review should be based upon the flavor as well. Again, Bull Smoke delivers a strong 9/10 because they present three types of tobacco flavored cartridges that simulate various tobacco tastes. Much like tobacco cigarettes, individuals will love one flavor more than other people and can re-order that flavor. For more, check out this other electronic cigarette review by independent reviewer Darren Peterson on Bull Smoke to get a different perspective.