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Cartomizer Outlet

Cartomizer Outlet – your friendly electronic cigarette refill shop

All over the world people are becoming aware of the general side effects of smoking. Not only in developed western countries, in underdeveloped countries also, people are giving up smoking. Electronic cigarettes have emerged as a viable and healthy option for the smokers. In e-cigarettes nicotine is not present and hence there is no risk of inhaling toxic substances. Moreover, since no smoke is produced, the ban on smoking in public does not apply to them. So, as you make out, e-cigs has become the most viable option for smokers all over the world.

The market of e-cigarettes

The market for e-cigarettes is growing at a fast pace. There are plenty of brands of e-cigs in the market right now and you are really spoilt for choice. These e-cigarettes are convenient, affordable and come with rechargeable cartomizers and batteries.

However, to make vaping an enjoyable experience, you may want to try out different flavors. Doing this at affordable rates would be a big draw. Keeping this in mind, the Cartomizer Outlet has brought a wide range of electronic cigarettes refills that are cheap and customizable.

Cartomizer Outlet – your first choice for getting cartomizers

Cartomizer knows what customers look for. Usually smokers have fascination for particular flavours and strengths of nicotine. Cartomizer Outlet introduced cartomizers that can fit most brands of e-cigarettes like SkyCig, E-lites, Nicolites, Vapestick, VIP and many more.

Whatever brand of e-cig you have been using, Cartomizer Outlet can provide you with affordable refills that will ensure excellent vaping experience and that too within your budget.

The cartomisers contain organic tobacco leaf extract flavors to guarantee your satisfaction. Along with that these are made from UK pharmaceutical nicotine and hence safe for use.

Cartomizer offers some really interesting flavors like spearmint ice that leaves a fresh feeling. This is ideal for people who do not like the after taste of nicotine. So, now you can enjoy vaping and have a minty fresh breath too.

Convenience of online shopping, variety of flavours and affordability have made Cartomizer Outlet electronic cigarettes refills the most preferred choice for vapers.

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E-cigarette reviews: Bull Smoke

Our review of Bull Smoke e-cigarettes, in a nutshell, is that they are making it easier for people quit smoking with their electronic cigarette products because the devices are top of the range.

This reviewer was impressed with their technology that delivered consistent flavor and vapor with a powerful battery. The company employs a specially-designed 4.2 volt lithium battery that has a long life, which is concealed within the top segment of their electronic cigarettes. According to their website, these batteries are custom engineered in order to deliver a thick and robust vapor to the user. Depending on how frequently one uses the device itself, each and every Bull Smoke rechargeable battery will last between four hours to as long as three days. Our e-cigarette review comes with an indication light on the tip which will blink rapidly when the battery is becoming low.

Electronic cigarettes: Bull Smoke vapor quality

Bull Smoke has always been acknowledged by people in the industry to be on the cutting edge of vapor technology. Crafted by a team of engineers who have been working over the last five years, their products deliver solid e cigarette solutions for the market place. They are the Apple of e-cigarettes. For instance, the Bull Smoke battery features the world’s only progressive mico-air flow sensor, designed specifically for vaping. This sensor powers the total unit on and off anytime a consumer drags on the Bull Smoke e-cigarette. Accordingly, this allows the battery to quickly power down while not in use to maintain its longer battery life. However it is so responsive that when it senses the slightest bit of drag it instantly powers up the cartomizer to produce the industry’s top quantity of vapor.

Electronic cigarette reviews: Bull Smoke flavor

The test of any e-cigarette review should be based upon the flavor as well. Again, Bull Smoke delivers a strong 9/10 because they present three types of tobacco flavored cartridges that simulate various tobacco tastes. Much like tobacco cigarettes, individuals will love one flavor more than other people and can re-order that flavor. For more, check out this other electronic cigarette review by independent reviewer Darren Peterson on Bull Smoke to get a different perspective.… Continue reading... “E-cigarette reviews: Bull Smoke”

Fantasia Hookah

Fantasia Hookah

The widespread use of the internet has made it very easy for merchants to get their products across to their target audience. One of these such websites is, which features a wide variety of fantasia ehookah products. Rechargeable, disposable, and liquid products are all available for purchase, and all of the products are one hundred percent genuine and certified to come directly from Fantasia. In addition to being one of the leading sellers of electronic cigarettes and hookah products, the website is also extremely convenient for the average customer’s shopping pleasure.

Easy To Navigate Interface

The first thing that many customers will notice is the extremely easy to use interface on the website. It features a sleek, minimalistic, and elegant design that attractively showcases their products for the buyer’s convenience. Every section of their inventory is categorized according to type, and various options are available that can be compared with each other side by side thanks to the comprehensive display screen. All of these categories can be found on the left side of the screen, beside the display where the products will be shown. A contact number and frequently asked questions section can also help customers find out more about the company before they finalize their purchases, creating an intimate and innovative shopping experience.

Available Selection of Products

All of the products that are featured on the website are centered around hookah and electronic tobacco products. They feature a wide variety of disposable ehookah pens and rechargeable ehookah pens, each of which have their own unique products to choose from. The disposable ehookah pens come in a wide variety of flavors, while the rechargeable pens can be refilled at later times with different liquid products, each of which provide the same unique taste in different flavors. A handy all products page can be browsed as well if you are interested in finding a product that you could not locate in one of the separate sections of the website.

Customer Policies and Sales

All of the website’s products are one hundred percent guaranteed to be satisfying and enjoyable upon purchase. A great return policy is featured as well, for those who find something wrong with the products shipped to them. Additionally, a link to sales on the left side of the website can keep the customer informed of when certain products can be purchased at a cheaper cost to them, which encourages people to visit the website more frequently.

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CanCigs: The Best Electronic Cigarettes In Canada

CanCigs: The Best Electronic Cigarettes In Canada

Electronic cigarettes have been all the rage nowadays. An overwhelming majority of cigarette smokers have turned to this to help them have a smoke free life. If you are currently in the market for an e-cig that will suit your lifestyle, try checking out CanCigs.

All About CanCigs

Owned and operated in the heart of Canada, CanCigs has spent nearly one and a half years of extensive research and development to come up with the most innovative and most technologically advanced electronic cigarettes in the country today. What gives these e-cigs an edge over its competitors? Manufacturers of CanCigs made sure to answer the overwhelming need for e-cig users to do away with having to refill their cartridges every now and then. It is a messy and tedious process, which users would rather not deal with.

This is why CanCigs came up with their unique and patented long-lasting Cartomizers that are pre-filled with flavour liquids. These liquids have a rich and distinct aroma that are specially hand crafted by the company’s talented “Flavour Chemists”. Each cartomizer is unique because it provides the user with plumes of rich vapour that is equal to one full pack of cigarettes.

CanCig’s Features

Apart from the long-lasting Cartomizer, CanCig also prides itself in offering the most topnotch electronic cigarette batteries in the market today. Each cigarette is built with lithium-ion batteries that provide users with uninterrupted use. Each e-cig is designed with custom blue LED tips that glow when it is used. It also serves to warn the user when it is high time to charge the battery.

CanCig’s most popular product is their Basic Starter Kit. If you are new to the vaping experience, this is the best product for you to invest in. It provides users with the convenience and simplicity that they need to enjoy their e-cig. All that you have to do is to attach the cartomizer on to the battery and you are ready to have a fantastic vaping experience. This kit is available in black and white colors.

The Pro Starter Kit on the other hand, is the company’s top seller and provides users with everything that they need and a lot more. The package includes a sleek charging case, 2 lithium-ion batteries, 3 cartomizers, 1 USB charging cable and 1 wall plug adaptor.

Join the country’s electronic cigarette community and enjoy a traditional smoking experience without exposing yourself to harmful chemicals or foul odors. Check out CanCigs, the number one electronic cigarettes in Canada today, have great savings, and have an exquisite vaping experience.… Continue reading... “CanCigs: The Best Electronic Cigarettes In Canada”