CanCigs: The Best Electronic Cigarettes In Canada

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Electronic cigarettes have been all the rage nowadays. An overwhelming majority of cigarette smokers have turned to this to help them have a smoke free life. If you are currently in the market for an e-cig that will suit your lifestyle, try checking out CanCigs.

All About CanCigs

Owned and operated in the heart of Canada, CanCigs has spent nearly one and a half years of extensive research and development to come up with the most innovative and most technologically advanced electronic cigarettes in the country today. What gives these e-cigs an edge over its competitors? Manufacturers of CanCigs made sure to answer the overwhelming need for e-cig users to do away with having to refill their cartridges every now and then. It is a messy and tedious process, which users would rather not deal with.

This is why CanCigs came up with their unique and patented long-lasting Cartomizers that are pre-filled with flavour liquids. These liquids have a rich and distinct aroma that are specially hand crafted by the company’s talented “Flavour Chemists”. Each cartomizer is unique because it provides the user with plumes of rich vapour that is equal to one full pack of cigarettes.

CanCig’s Features

Apart from the long-lasting Cartomizer, CanCig also prides itself in offering the most topnotch electronic cigarette batteries in the market today. Each cigarette is built with lithium-ion batteries that provide users with uninterrupted use. Each e-cig is designed with custom blue LED tips that glow when it is used. It also serves to warn the user when it is high time to charge the battery.

CanCig’s most popular product is their Basic Starter Kit. If you are new to the vaping experience, this is the best product for you to invest in. It provides users with the convenience and simplicity that they need to enjoy their e-cig. All that you have to do is to attach the cartomizer on to the battery and you are ready to have a fantastic vaping experience. This kit is available in black and white colors.

The Pro Starter Kit on the other hand, is the company’s top seller and provides users with everything that they need and a lot more. The package includes a sleek charging case, 2 lithium-ion batteries, 3 cartomizers, 1 USB charging cable and 1 wall plug adaptor.

Join the country’s electronic cigarette community and enjoy a traditional smoking experience without exposing yourself to harmful chemicals or foul odors. Check out CanCigs, the number one electronic cigarettes in Canada today, have great savings, and have an exquisite vaping experience.