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Classification of E-Cigarettes

While e-cigarettes contain no tobacco, they are classified as a “tobacco product” by government agencies. The vapor contains trace levels of contaminants, which are equivalent to other FDA approved pharmaceuticals. The risk of death from electronic cigarettes is less than 5%, which is more than 4% higher than the risk of dying from smoking traditional cigarettes. Tobacco smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, of those, 250 are known to be harmful to for smokers and second-hand smokers. At least 69 chemicals in tobacco smoke are known carcinogens, toxic metals, hazardous gases and radioactive chemical elements.

Activists in support of legalizing e-cigarettes question governmental figurehead’s alarmist language concerning the non-tobacco products. Studies confirm that e-cigarettes contain fewer harmful chemicals, cause fewer deaths and diseases and are a safer method for nicotine delivery. Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to employ tactics that e-cigarette manufacturers call unfair. Anti-electronic cigarette organizations claim that the presence of diethylene glycol and nitrosamines in the vapor cartridges are a risk and spread fear among a cigarette-addicted population in urgent need of safe smoking cessation alternatives.

Their message also reaches non-smokers, purposefully planting the belief that non-tobacco devices are just as dangerous as regular cigarettes. The fact is, other nicotine replacement products approved by the FDA contain nitrosamines, making e-cigarettes no more harmful than nicotine gum, patches and lozenges. One federal judge accused the FDA of purposely and wrongfully trying to control and regulate electronic cigarettes in an overly aggressive manner.… Continue reading... “Classification of E-Cigarettes”

King County WA Votes to Ban E-Cigs In Public Buildings

Vapers in Washington’s King County suffered a legislative defeat on December 16. In yet another instance of misguided government regulation pertaining to e-cigs, Board of Health officials voted to ban the use of personal vaporizers anywhere that cigarette smoking is banned by the state of Washington. The controversial action reflects widespread ignorance as to the nature of personal vaporizers, commonly known as e-cigs (short for electronic cigarette). Despite the reality that PVs pose no risk to anybody but the user – and the personal risks are relatively negligible – there is widespread uncertainty amongst legislative bodies all over North America as to how to react to the growing popularity of the new technology.

Vapers, make it your business to educate owners of local eating and drinking venues about PVs, because the war against ignorant government regulation is one that will be waged for quite some time.

After a comprehensive analysis of the electronic cigarettes, researchers at Boston University School of Public Health concluded that the devices are significantly safer than traditional cigarettes. Smokeless tobacco products show promise as a smoking cessation alternative. Few chemicals in e-cigarettes raise serious health concerns and the levels of toxicity associated with the devices are no riskier than other smoking cessation products. Carcinogen levels in electronic non-tobacco cigarettes are approximately 1,000 times lower than the amount delivered in tobacco products.Continue reading... “King County WA Votes to Ban E-Cigs In Public Buildings”

No Smoking Bans

No Smoking Bans

No smoking signs abound – in hotel rooms, workplaces, movie theaters and restaurants. Electronic cigarette smokers can often bypass these bans since personal vaporizers are just that, vaporizers. They are not cigarettes. This, and the fact that electronic cigarettes give off no smell and no secondhand smoke, allows the smoker to enjoy a peaceful smoke anywhere he pleases.

E-Cigarettes Save Money
With cigarette prices soaring, the average pack-a-day smoker can expect to spend well over $100.00 a month on cigarettes. Consumers can purchase a high-quality electronic cigarette online for less than $40.00. The cost of additional batteries, atomizers, cartridges and e-liquids may initially add up to equal the cost of a month’s worth of cigarettes, but last the electronic smoker far longer than a mere month. Thus, the money saving potential of e-cigarettes cannot be ignored.

Consumers interested in purchasing an electronic cigarette are strongly encouraged to do their research before making a decision. While mall kiosks and gas stations frequently sell starter kits, the electronic cigarettes found in these places are often of low quality or can be purchased online at half the price. In addition, some models appeal more to heavy smokers than light smokers and vice versa.… Continue reading... “No Smoking Bans”

Selecting The Right Center

Selecting The Right Center

Many addicts have understood the increasing dangers of health risks on account of addiction. Hence, most of them are hunting for the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment to heal their condition. Luckily, a number of treatment options are available nowadays. In spite of this, many addicts are unable to cure themselves from addiction. The main reason why many addicts fail to get fruitful results is the wrong choice of the treatment program. Without an ideal treatment facility, you just can’t get out of addiction no matter what.

Still, the burning question is how to locate the best treatment center such as Well, there are many ways you can figure out an ideal center for healing a particular type of addiction. First of all, seek help from your family doctor. A doctor is in a better position to help you in compiling the names of reputed centers for healing specific type of addiction. Moreover, doctors have links with various healing centers. Hence, you stand a good chance of finding the best facility at the Dunes East Hampton with the help and guidance of your family doctor.

Your friends and buddies are also handy sources of availing first hand and reliable information about reliable addiction centers. Folks who are familiar with any reliable treatment center will offer you the much needed help in this matter. They might offer you detailed info about centers that are effective in healing your particular kind of addiction. Since your relatives and friends tend to be dependable, you can rely on their advice and recommendations while hunting for the Dunes East Hampton rehab facility.

The web is probably the best place to find anything. The same holds true while searching for an ideal facility for curing addiction. Browse the internet using relevant search phrases, and make a handy list of reliable centers that are well known for offering quality treatment for healing different types of addiction. Read online reviews and comments posted by folks who have cured their addiction at any of these centers.

On the basis of reviews and suggestions, trim down your list of centers to few reputed ones that are highly recommended by earlier addicts. Obtain comprehensive info about these centers to make the right selection. Assess the type and quality of services offered by these centers minutely. Make sure that the centers you are considering are reputed and specialist in healing particular kinds of addiction. Likewise, examine their charges as well as treatment schedule in great detail. Finally, choose the drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that renders quality, effective as well as affordable addiction treatment.… Continue reading... “Selecting The Right Center”

Natural remedy from smoking

Natural remedy from smoking

Anyone will tell you to consider smokeless cigarettes they may enable, however, the smokeless cigarette has made this very much less difficult. The guide calls for the user to press a button which will result in the launch of your natural remedy to vaporize. A pack of cigarettes, smoked daily, can price tag a complete of, 500 a year or far more. Nicotine sections, gum, as well as other options persistently fail. This innovative new creation will be the Smokeless Cigarette. Fag cigarette smoking cigarettes simulation is achievable having a gadget called an e-cigarette. The particular smokeless cigarettes your own greatest personal preference. Like a fog equipment, the atomizer vaporizes the answer of nicotine.

Ever given that the public became mindful in the hazards of tobacco numerous decades in the past, plenty of people today have found out quitting the tobacco behavior difficult. The Smokeless cigarette is manufactured up of a nicotine cartridge that contains liquefied nicotine. Inhaling nicotine vapour end user a nicotine hit in seconds rather than minutes with sections or gum. The majority from the huge businesses, including the Direct Smokeless cigarette have complete energy, 50 % power and minimum power.

1 in the newer aids that is certainly rapidly gaining popularity will be the smokeless cigarettes. These permit the consumer to go via the motions of smoking cigarettes with no using in all of the unsafe chemical substances and carcinogens that exist within the true thing. Right here you will be ready to not simply see what it obtainable for you, but it is possible to evaluate prices. Smokeless cigarettes provide the smoker the look, the style and also the experience of a legitimate cigarette devoid of the poisonous dangers of making use of tobacco. It truly is also really worth mentioning that not all these Smokeless cigarettes are developed equal. Acquiring a person’ personal cigarettes smokeless. One particular element the rechargeable battery, as well as the other area currently being being the atomizer. The vapor that’s exhaled from the smoker seems to be and feels like common smoke cigarettes, nevertheless it disappears really quick. The Smokeless cigarette consists of no tobacco or smoke a cigarette, and as such can not be banned in’No Smoking’ locations within the U. S. ! You’ll be able to preserve over ,000 a calendar year by tobacco just a single pack a day. Smokeless cigarettes will quickly be commonplace and observed everywhere. If you’ve not by now noticed them you shortly will.… Continue reading... “Natural remedy from smoking”

Distinguishing Facts between Traditional Cigarettes and Electronic Cigarettes

Distinguishing Facts between Traditional Cigarettes and Electronic Cigarettes

Those who have tried to quit smoking know that the biggest addiction is the physical and tactile experience of smoking, which is as habitual as the nicotine fix. We get used to the ‘hit’ that the cigarette gives in the throat when we inhale cigarette smoke and this satisfies our craving for nicotine. Apart from being physically addictive, another major aspect of smoking is the social side. Many smokers see cigarettes going hand in hand with activities such as drinking with friends.

There are different e-cigarette super mini and starter kits that stimulate the effects produced by a traditional cigarette. The best part of an e-cigarette is that it does not produce the same smoke as created by the tobacco cigarette and is not banned in public places. This is because the e cigarette ‘smoke’ does not contain any of the harmful chemicals or tar found in tobacco smoke, and as such is seen as a healthier smoking alternative.

The process of smoking an e cigarette is similar to tobacco cigarettes with different cartridges providing different strengths to give the nicotine hit. You can also get the same bite or throat hit by smoking an e cigarette.

Differences between Traditional and Electronic Cigarettes

The smoking experience that you get from an electronic cigarette is nearly similar to a tobacco cigarette. A good review would reveal they might be the better choice than the traditional cigarettes. but there are some differences also:

• You don’t have to take as strong a drag from an electronic cigarette in comparison to what you do with a tobacco cigarette. Much of the space inside the e cig cartridge is empty allowing easier airflow, whereas the traditional cigarette uses a filter tip which means it can need a more forceful drag.

• Electronic cigarettes have a different sound. The noise produced is more like sucking air through a straw because there is no burning sound.

• The taste of an electronic cigarette is a bit different from a tobacco cigarette. It is the type of cartridge that you purchase and its flavours that adds to the flavour of the cigarette.

• The vapours of an electronic cigarette don’t have much smell; therefore people around you won’t smell it even if you are standing right next to them. Conversely tobacco smoke has a lingering odour which is hard to get rid of.

With so many similarities and subtle differences, it is right to say that electronic cigarettes give an experience very similar to what you get from a traditional cigarette.… Continue reading... “Distinguishing Facts between Traditional Cigarettes and Electronic Cigarettes”

PAX 3 Vaporizers

Quit Smoking with Vape

Picture above: The new PAX 3 vaporizer.

Among the killer diseases of in the United States is coronary heart disease caused by the consumption of tobacco. Meanwhile, studies also show that for every cigarette stick a smoker consumes, he or she loses almost 15 minutes of his or her life. At our young age, when we feel like we are immortalized with youth, we may pass these up as “interesting-bordering-to-terrifying” trivia. But when you come to think of it, while we continue smoking, we could also be wasting our future time for momentous events by then.

  1. How difficult is it to quit?

Being a smoker for years now, I won’t deny that I have had numerous tries to quit. I have enrolled in the gym, joined sports events in the office, and refrained from purchasing cigarettes. I have also avoided going out drinking, even on Friday nights so that I could avoid cigarettes. It has come to a point when every time I see an actor on TV light a cig, I stand up to grab a light. But all of my tries have ended as futile attempts.

It’s difficult to quit. But the harmful effects of smoking tobacco cannot be overlooked. These days, people are more stressed out, making smoking a regular activity to unwind in between the short breaks in the office. And this is because cigarettes are very accessible, and smoking is more convenient than other de-stressing activities.

  1. How did the vaporizer evolve?

Earlier this decade, the e-cigarette was introduced. Smoking one is closely similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette. What distinguishes the two is that with cigarettes, you burn the leaves. With e-cigarettes, you vaporize the elements that you will smoke.

The E-cigarette in itself is a vaporizer. Vaporizers were initially used in the medical profession. Around early 2000, vaporizers for recreational purposes have been developed. They started out in the market as “electronic cigarettes” or e-cigarette. These days they are more commonly referred to as vape.

  1. Is the vape really less harmful?

Lately, vape has been gaining more and more consumers coming from the cigarette market. The health risks posed by smoking tobacco are undeniable. As mentioned earlier, it is among the top killers in the United States alone. As a cigarette smoker, you do not just inhale smoke; you also inhale nicotine, tar, and many other carcinogens. It is already common knowledge that nicotine is the suspected addictive substance in cigarettes. So the more you get stressed out, the more you smoke, the more you get hooked. Meanwhile, tar is known to be the dark substance that builds up in our lungs. Tobacco cigarettes are also known to produce formaldehyde.

What’s interesting with vape is that it gives its users the same satisfaction of smoking tobacco (or even better?), minus the harmful elements. Several studies have supported this claim. One can opt out from nicotine because there are juices which do not have it. Combustion, also, does not take place, so no tar … Continue reading... “Quit Smoking with Vape”


Cartomizer Outlet

Cartomizer Outlet – your friendly electronic cigarette refill shop

All over the world people are becoming aware of the general side effects of smoking. Not only in developed western countries, in underdeveloped countries also, people are giving up smoking. Electronic cigarettes have emerged as a viable and healthy option for the smokers. In e-cigarettes nicotine is not present and hence there is no risk of inhaling toxic substances. Moreover, since no smoke is produced, the ban on smoking in public does not apply to them. So, as you make out, e-cigs has become the most viable option for smokers all over the world.

The market of e-cigarettes

The market for e-cigarettes is growing at a fast pace. There are plenty of brands of e-cigs in the market right now and you are really spoilt for choice. These e-cigarettes are convenient, affordable and come with rechargeable cartomizers and batteries.

However, to make vaping an enjoyable experience, you may want to try out different flavors. Doing this at affordable rates would be a big draw. Keeping this in mind, the Cartomizer Outlet has brought a wide range of electronic cigarettes refills that are cheap and customizable.

Cartomizer Outlet – your first choice for getting cartomizers

Cartomizer knows what customers look for. Usually smokers have fascination for particular flavours and strengths of nicotine. Cartomizer Outlet introduced cartomizers that can fit most brands of e-cigarettes like SkyCig, E-lites, Nicolites, Vapestick, VIP and many more.

Whatever brand of e-cig you have been using, Cartomizer Outlet can provide you with affordable refills that will ensure excellent vaping experience and that too within your budget.

The cartomisers contain organic tobacco leaf extract flavors to guarantee your satisfaction. Along with that these are made from UK pharmaceutical nicotine and hence safe for use.

Cartomizer offers some really interesting flavors like spearmint ice that leaves a fresh feeling. This is ideal for people who do not like the after taste of nicotine. So, now you can enjoy vaping and have a minty fresh breath too.

Convenience of online shopping, variety of flavours and affordability have made Cartomizer Outlet electronic cigarettes refills the most preferred choice for vapers.

 … Continue reading... “Cartomizer Outlet”


Adults enjoy flavored e-cigs

My mom hides a bag of chocolate bars in the closet. My dad can’t keep his hands off the cherry pie. My aunt always has bubble gum in her purse, and my grandma would have had strawberry milkshakes every day if we let her.

With the popularity of ecigs increasing, so are the “haters”. A lot of people take everything the media says as fact. They rely on their newspapers or news radio to give them right information, the truth. Well when news reporters talk about ecigs, people listen. A lot of people have talked about how ecig companies make fun flavors to appeal to kids. I’m here to set the record straight.

Now I won’t argue with the fact that kids like flavors. But let’s be real here. Adults like flavors too (as clearly shown by my family and most in America). At the Chicago City Council hearing on a proposed ecig ordinance, several ‘experts’ in support of the ordinance testified that companies produce fun e-cig flavors for the purpose of luring children in. They said with flavors like ‘cherry’ and ‘gummy bear’, it’s obvious that ecig companies want to sell their products to kids. So at what point do people stop liking flavors?

Do they realize how dumb that sounds? I mean really. Michael Haynes, testified in opposition to the ecig ordinance and said to the Council members “try and tell me you don’t know one adult who doesn’t like gummy bears.” Good point Michael!

You want to hear something rather ridiculous? Nicorette Gum offers six flavors of their gum: white ice mint, cinnamon surge, fruit chill, fresh mint, mint, and original. Hmm, sounds like they’re trying to draw in the kids too. No, no, no, they also know that adults LIKE flavors!

Electronic cigarettes are NOT tobacco cigarettes. They are totally different, and people really need to understand that before they can make any kind of judgment and comparison.

Here’s the thing. There are 45 million smokers in America. E-cigs were made to give adults an alternative to smoking. That why there is a large enough market for ecig companies. They don’t want or need to find a new demographic. Especially children. It just doesn’t make sense. Ecigs are for adult smokers. Period. Anyone who thinks differently is just trying to find a reason not to like ecigs. Well having a reason like “ecigs are bad because they make flavors that kids like” is just about one of the dumbest reasons out there.

A version of this electronic cigarette article originally appeared on the Vapor4Life Blog.… Continue reading... “Adults enjoy flavored e-cigs”

E-cigarette reviews: Bull Smoke

Our review of Bull Smoke e-cigarettes, in a nutshell, is that they are making it easier for people quit smoking with their electronic cigarette products because the devices are top of the range.

This reviewer was impressed with their technology that delivered consistent flavor and vapor with a powerful battery. The company employs a specially-designed 4.2 volt lithium battery that has a long life, which is concealed within the top segment of their electronic cigarettes. According to their website, these batteries are custom engineered in order to deliver a thick and robust vapor to the user. Depending on how frequently one uses the device itself, each and every Bull Smoke rechargeable battery will last between four hours to as long as three days. Our e-cigarette review comes with an indication light on the tip which will blink rapidly when the battery is becoming low.

Electronic cigarettes: Bull Smoke vapor quality

Bull Smoke has always been acknowledged by people in the industry to be on the cutting edge of vapor technology. Crafted by a team of engineers who have been working over the last five years, their products deliver solid e cigarette solutions for the market place. They are the Apple of e-cigarettes. For instance, the Bull Smoke battery features the world’s only progressive mico-air flow sensor, designed specifically for vaping. This sensor powers the total unit on and off anytime a consumer drags on the Bull Smoke e-cigarette. Accordingly, this allows the battery to quickly power down while not in use to maintain its longer battery life. However it is so responsive that when it senses the slightest bit of drag it instantly powers up the cartomizer to produce the industry’s top quantity of vapor.

Electronic cigarette reviews: Bull Smoke flavor

The test of any e-cigarette review should be based upon the flavor as well. Again, Bull Smoke delivers a strong 9/10 because they present three types of tobacco flavored cartridges that simulate various tobacco tastes. Much like tobacco cigarettes, individuals will love one flavor more than other people and can re-order that flavor. For more, check out this other electronic cigarette review by independent reviewer Darren Peterson on Bull Smoke to get a different perspective.… Continue reading... “E-cigarette reviews: Bull Smoke”