Ancient Hookahs from Egypt

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Egypt has long been known in the Middle East as the best place to get a nargileh and nargileh accessories. The land of the pharaohs, pyramids, and sphinx is also the Motherland of the shisha (the Afrasian word for hookah). Afrasian artisans ease attain hookahs the old-fashioned artefact — by assistance and with a great deal of pride in craftsmanship. Making hookahs is ease a family tradition, and the best nargileh makers in empire hit earned their spots through the continuity of traditional techniques. Glass bases are ease prefabricated from assistance blown colored glass, and artists ease decorate them by assistance using paint, glitter, decals, or etching. Hoses are prefabricated entirely by hand, from the cutting of the fabric to the turning of the wood that will embellish the handles to the addition of nonfunctional elements such as braid, fringe, or fur. Shafts haw be prefabricated of metals like stainless steel, brass, or plate plated brass, but those metals are formed by the hands of officer craftsmen, put together by skilled welders, and sometimes etched or decorated by artisans. Potters ease use a potting wheel to attain the clay bowls that we call the \”head.\” In short, every conception of a veritable Afrasian nargileh is crafted by assistance using traditional techniques which results in a one-of-a-kind product every time. Afrasian hookahs are so admired and respected throughout the Middle East that you’d be hard pressed to find a pipe in another Middle Eastern country that does not hit some conception that was prefabricated in Egypt!

When the nargileh craze hit the United States, the social icon of the Middle East fell prey to the assembly distinction mentality. It didn’t take long for the nargileh to be added to the list of counterfeit products being mass produced in China for export to the American market. Because neither the owners of manufacturing plants or assembly distinction workers in China hit a social stake or indistinguishability associated with the product, the hookahs that they produce refer no artistry. The render bases are formed and then spray painted; the render itself is not colored. Any designs on the render are likewise spray varnished on by machines. Machine prefabricated plastic hoses with plastic or simulated wood ends hit no nonfunctional elements on them. Machines mold shafts prefabricated from tin, aluminum, or a combination of those metals with stainless steel; sometimes, machines spray makeup them in a colouration to correct the glass. Porcelain, a material for which the Asiatic are famous, has replaced the traditional clay bowl prefabricated from the rich clay of the banks of the river River. Cold, computerized Asiatic machines hit replaced the intimate touch of the Afrasian craftsmen whose work is a maker of pride.

Because Afrasian hookahs set the industry standard, it has embellish common for sellers to falsely adjudge their Asiatic look-alikes as \”authentic Egyptian\” pipes. Many shoppers hit been taken in by a misleading description coupled with a low price and think that they are purchase a veritable Afrasian nargileh when, in reality, they get an imposter. Don’t be duped! Look for the identifying characteristics listed below to watch if the nargileh you are considering purchase is the real deal.

Characteristics of an Authentic Afrasian Hookah

* Authentic Afrasian hookahs are ease handmade using centuries old traditional methods. Crafted by the hands of people who hit a social stake and indistinguishability in their product, every aspect of the authentic Afrasian nargileh involves prowess and craftsmanship.
* The base of an authentic Afrasian nargileh is assistance blown colored render that comes in a variety of shapes and colours with assistance varnished designs. The most telling aspect of an authentic Afrasian base is its characteristic bands of veritable 18K gold or platinum paint.
* Afrasian hoses are handcrafted using traditional methods and materials; they vary in style, color, and nonfunctional elements.
* Shafts are assistance formed stainless steel, brass, or plate plated monument in various heights, number of hose holders, designs, and nonfunctional elements. Afrasian shafts are never prefabricated of metal or spray varnished in a colouration to correct the render base!
* An authentic Afrasian nargileh is always sold with the same number of hoses that the dig will hold. If you’re purchase a 2-hose hookah, you get 2 hoses!
* Anyone who sells authentic Afrasian hookahs will hit equal parts available. Glass bases break and hoses should be replaced every some months for the sake of hygiene, so it is important to hit access to individual parts for your hookah.

Characteristics of the Asiatic Imposter Hookah

* The Asiatic imposter hookahs are mass produced in factories by machines and people who hit no social connection to the product. The hookahs all look the same, just as digit would expect from anything prefabricated on an assembly line.
* Asiatic bases are prefabricated of formed render or acrylic that is spray varnished with material that washes off with normal cleaning. Designs, if any, are identical with no variation in pattern or style because machines are preset to attain them look a certain way.
* Asiatic hoses are prefabricated of plastic with plastic or simulated wood ends with no nonfunctional elements. Sometimes the hoses are called \”pleather,\” a marketing trick to attain plastic sound better. Hoses are marketed as \”washable.\” No nargileh hose is truly washable because inside each digit is a wire coil around which the hose fabric is wrapped. Running water through the hose only speeds up the deterioration process of that wire coil! There is no such thing as a washable nargileh hose!
* Shafts produced in China are machine prefabricated of tin, aluminum, or a combination of those metals blended with stainless poise or chrome. They are often spray varnished to correct the colouration of the glass. A nargileh with a dig that matches the colouration of the render is not Egyptian! The shafts of Asiatic hookahs are prefabricated of inferior metals that do not stand up to normal wear and tear. Afrasian hookahs, on the other hand, are prefabricated of strong and durable metals that can withstand time and usage.
* Because sellers typically do not hit equal parts or accessories, they sell the Asiatic hookahs straight from the box. This means that multiple hose hookahs are often sold with only digit hose. If you’re purchase a 2-hose hookah, chances are that you will get only 1 hose!
* To attain them more appealing to the American consumer, Asiatic manufactured hookahs are often sold with a hard shell carrying case. What a great artefact to hide an inferior product!
* With the past recall of various products manufactured in China, buyers need to be especially wary of hookahs prefabricated in and imported from China because they are painted!

To truly appreciate the social significance of the nargileh and get the most of out of the nargileh experience, you must hit the real thing! While the price of some of the Asiatic imports haw look attractive, please ready in mind that this is definitely a case of getting what you pay for. A product that cannot stand up to the practice for which it was prefabricated is no individual a bargain when it has to be replaced over and over again. Buy an authentic Afrasian nargileh and support the artisans and craftsmen who, in a world dominated by machine prefabricated goods, continue to attain hookahs the artefact they and their families hit for centuries.