An Inside Look At The Electronic Cigarette

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An electronic cigarette is a device powered by batteries and uses artificial nicotine to mimic the regular tobacco cigarette. It uses a component called an atomizer that heats the nicotine juice thus producing vapor, similar to cigarette smoke. In fact, manufacturers are now making flavored cigarettes to meet their clients’ varied preferences.

How an Electronic Cigarette Works

When a smoker pulls on the electronic cigarette from one end of the tube, the battery in the electronic cigarette heats the juice thus stimulating production of nicotine vapor. When the smoker inhales, the steam goes straight into his or her lungs. Without actually smoking, the smoker experiences a smoke sensation in his or her lungs and also in the mouth.

Advantages of an electronic cigarette over other tobacco products

Currently, there are no laws that directly prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes in open areas unlike the regular tobacco cigarettes where smoking in public is prohibited. Secondly, recent studies have shown that when a smoker avoids smoking for a night, electronic cigarettes can minimize and even eradicate the potent desire to smoke. Smokers who wish to lower the risks associated with tobacco smoking experience mild withdrawal when they quit as compared to smokers of the other brands of cigarettes.

There is also the possibility of maintaining a manageable and stable level of nicotine in the blood stream thus decreasing the strong urge to smoke and increasing the desire to stop using tobacco. The other advantage is that for the smokers who have tried to quit smoking for a long time, there is a chance that the tobacco intake can be lowered with the use of electronic cigarettes.

Problems Associated With the Use of Electronic Cigarettes

The Food and Drug Agency or rather FDA is yet to conduct a complete and conclusive study of the health hazards of electronic cigarettes. Risks associated with the electronic cigarette still remain vague, which means that clear advice cannot be given to smokers at the moment. Lack of healthy warnings and clear guidelines on how to use and get rid of used electronic cigarettes poses a challenge to many smokers. Ingredients that make up the electronic cigarette remain unknown increasing the chances of partaking harmful toxins.


Smokers should be advised to steer clear of tobacco use for their own benefit and those of the people around them. Cigarette smoking affects both the smoker and person close to him or her. However, electronic cigarettes are offering new hope to smokers because they are offering a healthier alternative to smoking, so to speak.

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