All About E-Cigarette in UK

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For decades, thousands of UK residents have been smoking cigarettes, an activity that is causing about 100,000 deaths annually. This is one of the key reasons that have led to the introduction of e-cigarettes, something that is considered relatively safer than the traditional cigarettes.

There has been so much debate about cigarettes, and now with the coming in of the e-cigarette UK, it seems the whole debate is not going to end any time soon. Joining the debate has been health experts; they are sharply divided about e-cigarette UK. Quite a number of them are of the view that with e-cigarettes, the deaths caused by smoking of cigarettes annually is going to drop drastically. On the other hand, others argue that this new smoking gadget is going to glamorize smoking among the younger generation, and this could have a negative impact in the near future.

What is this e-cigarette? It is quite obvious several people do not know the gadget. It has a battery, atomizer, and a small cartridge that contains nicotine that has been suspended in a solution of propylene glycol. Additionally, some e-cigarettes have an indicator light at the end. It glows when it is inhaled and many users say it actually adds a little touch of realism. Instead of the smokers taking in toxic substances found in tobacco, e-cigarette smokers inhale vaporized nicotine. Unlike in conventional cigarettes, the effects you can get from e-cigarette are believed to be negligible.

With different stakeholders across the UK fearing that e-cigarette is really going to normalize smoking and actually increase nicotine addiction across the nation, they have suggested that the gadget be regulated like medicine. Recently, a proposal by the EU to have the e-cigarette regulated like medicine was rejected. However, e-cigarette UK will actually be licensed like medicine as early as 2016.

With the major advancement that this smoking gadget is anticipated to take, the coming few years are going to be interesting. These smoking devices are relatively new, and many studies have actually revealed very little information on their overall health impacts. The worst part is that in order to have in place the right clinical information, a very large group of e-cigarettes smokers would actually need to be followed on a daily basis for several years, something that could prove very difficult to the relevant authorities. For now, the smoking of e-cigarettes is much safer than smoking the conventional cigarettes.

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