About Us

AlFakherOnline© is a U.S. based corporation founded in the year 2006 with the mission to make Al Fakher Molasses and highest quality smoking equipments accessible through the internet to the worldwide market. AlFakherOnline© is the official internet retailer of Al Fakher products and is managed by the main distributing company of Al Fakher products. AlFakherOnline© makes it a priority to insure the highest quality Molasses products and the best prices are made available to the customers worldwide.
About Al Fakher Products: Al Fakher Molasses and Hookah equipment represent the highest standards in a fast changing industry. With so many brands of Molasses to choose from, it is easy to be confused and purchase a low quality brand of Molasses. However, Al Fakher Molasses is the highest grade of Molasses made for hookah for the simple reason that the ingredients and the state of the art methods used to make Al Fakher Molasses are the highest quality possible. Take the Al Fakher challenge and you’ll see for yourself why the world renowned Al Fakher Molasses is truly the best.

About AlFakherOnline.com: Because AlFakherOnline.com is the official website of Al Fakher products, we guarantee the highest quality, freshest Molasses and the lowest prices on all Al Fakher Molasses products. AlFakherOnline© is the main source for the highest Al Fakher Products and the only website which fully guarantees the quality of its products. Also, buying from AlFakherOnline© means that you will be a member of the biggest and the most complete hookah community on the internet. AlFakherOnline© is proud of its customer service and its “Honest” approach and believes that the greatest success is ultimately achieved through customer satisfaction.