Distinguishing Facts between Traditional Cigarettes and Electronic Cigarettes

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Those who have tried to quit smoking know that the biggest addiction is the physical and tactile experience of smoking, which is as habitual as the nicotine fix. We get used to the ‘hit’ that the cigarette gives in the throat when we inhale cigarette smoke and this satisfies our craving for nicotine. Apart from being physically addictive, another major aspect of smoking is the social side. Many smokers see cigarettes going hand in hand with activities such as drinking with friends.

There are different e-cigarette super mini and starter kits that stimulate the effects produced by a traditional cigarette. The best part of an e-cigarette is that it does not produce the same smoke as created by the tobacco cigarette and is not banned in public places. This is because the e cigarette ‘smoke’ does not contain any of the harmful chemicals or tar found in tobacco smoke, and as such is seen as a healthier smoking alternative.

The process of smoking an e cigarette is similar to tobacco cigarettes with different cartridges providing different strengths to give the nicotine hit. You can also get the same bite or throat hit by smoking an e cigarette.

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Quit Smoking with Vape

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Picture above: The new PAX 3 vaporizer.

Among the killer diseases of in the United States is coronary heart disease caused by the consumption of tobacco. Meanwhile, studies also show that for every cigarette stick a smoker consumes, he or she loses almost 15 minutes of his or her life. At our young age, when we feel like we are immortalized with youth, we may pass these up as “interesting-bordering-to-terrifying” trivia. But when you come to think of it, while we continue smoking, we could also be wasting our future time for momentous events by then.

  1. How difficult is it to quit?

Being a smoker for years now, I won’t deny that I have had numerous tries to quit. I have enrolled in the gym, joined sports events in the office, and refrained from purchasing cigarettes. I have also avoided going out drinking, even on Friday nights so that I could avoid cigarettes. It has come to a point when every time I see an actor on TV light a cig, I stand up to grab a light. But all of my tries have ended as futile attempts.

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Cartomizer Outlet

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Cartomizer Outlet – your friendly electronic cigarette refill shop

All over the world people are becoming aware of the general side effects of smoking. Not only in developed western countries, in underdeveloped countries also, people are giving up smoking. Electronic cigarettes have emerged as a viable and healthy option for the smokers. In e-cigarettes nicotine is not present and hence there is no risk of inhaling toxic substances. Moreover, since no smoke is produced, the ban on smoking in public does not apply to them. So, as you make out, e-cigs has become the most viable option for smokers all over the world.

The market of e-cigarettes

The market for e-cigarettes is growing at a fast pace. There are plenty of brands of e-cigs in the market right now and you are really spoilt for choice. These e-cigarettes are convenient, affordable and come with rechargeable cartomizers and batteries.

However, to make vaping an enjoyable experience, you may want to try out different flavors. Doing this at affordable rates would be a big draw. Keeping this in mind, the Cartomizer Outlet has brought a wide range of electronic cigarettes refills that are cheap and customizable.

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Adults enjoy flavored e-cigs

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My mom hides a bag of chocolate bars in the closet. My dad can’t keep his hands off the cherry pie. My aunt always has bubble gum in her purse, and my grandma would have had strawberry milkshakes every day if we let her.

With the popularity of ecigs increasing, so are the “haters”. A lot of people take everything the media says as fact. They rely on their newspapers or news radio to give them right information, the truth. Well when news reporters talk about ecigs, people listen. A lot of people have talked about how ecig companies make fun flavors to appeal to kids. I’m here to set the record straight.

Now I won’t argue with the fact that kids like flavors. But let’s be real here. Adults like flavors too (as clearly shown by my family and most in America). At the Chicago City Council hearing on a proposed ecig ordinance, several ‘experts’ in support of the ordinance testified that companies produce fun e-cig flavors for the purpose of luring children in. They said with flavors like ‘cherry’ and ‘gummy bear’, it’s obvious that ecig companies want to sell their products to kids. So at what point … Continue reading...

E-cigarette reviews: Bull Smoke

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Our review of Bull Smoke e-cigarettes, in a nutshell, is that they are making it easier for people quit smoking with their electronic cigarette products because the devices are top of the range.

This reviewer was impressed with their technology that delivered consistent flavor and vapor with a powerful battery. The company employs a specially-designed 4.2 volt lithium battery that has a long life, which is concealed within the top segment of their electronic cigarettes. According to their website, these batteries are custom engineered in order to deliver a thick and robust vapor to the user. Depending on how frequently one uses the device itself, each and every Bull Smoke rechargeable battery will last between four hours to as long as three days. Our e-cigarette review comes with an indication light on the tip which will blink rapidly when the battery is becoming low.

Electronic cigarettes: Bull Smoke vapor quality

Bull Smoke has always been acknowledged by people in the industry to be on the cutting edge of vapor technology. Crafted by a team of engineers who have been working over the last five years, their products deliver solid e cigarette solutions for the market place. They are the Apple … Continue reading...

All About E-Cigarette in UK

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For decades, thousands of UK residents have been smoking cigarettes, an activity that is causing about 100,000 deaths annually. This is one of the key reasons that have led to the introduction of e-cigarettes, something that is considered relatively safer than the traditional cigarettes.

There has been so much debate about cigarettes, and now with the coming in of the e-cigarette UK, it seems the whole debate is not going to end any time soon. Joining the debate has been health experts; they are sharply divided about e-cigarette UK. Quite a number of them are of the view that with e-cigarettes, the deaths caused by smoking of cigarettes annually is going to drop drastically. On the other hand, others argue that this new smoking gadget is going to glamorize smoking among the younger generation, and this could have a negative impact in the near future.

What is this e-cigarette? It is quite obvious several people do not know the gadget. It has a battery, atomizer, and a small cartridge that contains nicotine that has been suspended in a solution of propylene glycol. Additionally, some e-cigarettes have an indicator light at the end. It glows when it is inhaled and many … Continue reading...

Making The better Switch: Traditional Cigarettes To Electronic Hookah

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Many smokers find it hard to smoke when they want especially when they are in enclosed rooms. Just as non-smokers respect smokers, it is imperative to also think how others would feel when smokers puff relentlessly in areas where people who are not smoking are staying. Using an electronic hookah can be a good way to smoke without pissing off other people plus there are other benefits that people can get when they smoke e-shishas compared to traditional cigarettes. For first time users, it is important to understand what electronic hookahs are and how to purchase a good one.

What is E Hookah?

E Hookah is a brand of electronic cigarette that is better compared to traditional cigarettes and other electronic cigarettes in the market. Aside from the sleek look, E Hookah is easy to clean, has no smell or tar compared to regular tobacco. It is operated using an atomizer which gives smokers the kind of feeling that they look for in cigarette sticks. It does not have smoke since it uses vapor. It does not impose fire hazard since it does not need to be lighted by fire. It uses a rechargeable battery so there is no need … Continue reading...

All About The Hookah Pen Where to Buy?

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Over the recent years, one of the biggest phenomena that hit the market is the use of electronic cigarettes. A lot of cigarette smokers have turned to this device for a more satisfactory and enjoyable smoking experience. One type of e-cig is called the hookah pen and it has caught the attention of enthusiasts all over the world.

What is a hookah pen?

This is an electronic device that functions by delivering nicotine as a vapor to the user. Its main difference from that of the traditional cigarette smoke is that there is actually nothing to light, and in effect, there is no smoke. A typical hookah set comprises of several components. You have the liquid e-hookah cartridge, a replaceable battery and a heating element, more commonly known as the atomizer. The user can opt to buy different cartridges that come in different flavors and that is where the fun starts.

Hookah Pen Reviews has a wide range of flavors to choose from. So if you are feeling a little bit adventurous and you would want to get a little more satisfaction from your hookah experience, you should check out these exciting flavors:
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Fantasia Hookah

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The widespread use of the internet has made it very easy for merchants to get their products across to their target audience. One of these such websites is smokeythestore.com, which features a wide variety of fantasia ehookah products. Rechargeable, disposable, and liquid products are all available for purchase, and all of the products are one hundred percent genuine and certified to come directly from Fantasia. In addition to being one of the leading sellers of electronic cigarettes and hookah products, the website is also extremely convenient for the average customer’s shopping pleasure.

Easy To Navigate Interface

The first thing that many customers will notice is the extremely easy to use interface on the website. It features a sleek, minimalistic, and elegant design that attractively showcases their products for the buyer’s convenience. Every section of their inventory is categorized according to type, and various options are available that can be compared with each other side by side thanks to the comprehensive display screen. All of these categories can be found on the left side of the screen, beside the display where the products will be shown. A contact number and frequently asked questions section can also help customers find out more … Continue reading...

E Cigaret: A Healthy And Proven Alternative To Smoking

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E cigaret is proving quite successful in making people kick the habit of smoking real cigarettes. Governments in many countries have also publicly endorsed the use of e-cigarettes to encourage smokers to quit. In US, e cigarettes can now be bought from convenience stores and online dealers, whereas earlier the smokers had to go to electronic cigarette stores to get these devices.

An e cigaret basically is a device which atomizes a solution of nicotine through a small battery. So the nicotine is there, but there is no ash or smoke. Many scientists believe that it is not nicotine which causes cancer, but the toxic chemicals that are released when the tobacco and the cigarette filler paper burn together. So, what e cigaret essentially does is that it gives the nicotine addicts their desired fix, but since there is no burn, the harmful effect of smoking real cigarettes is cancelled out. Nicotine is highly addictive substance, yes, but as of yet there is no data available which proves that nicotine causes cancer. So, e cigarettes can be considered as a relatively harmless form of nicotine addiction.

Many may not know this, but e cigaret was originally developed by a Chinese … Continue reading...